If you are under the impression that all aerosols are created equal, you would be sadly mistaken. We have worked very hard to bring you an aerosol that sprays as smooth as silk. We searched far and wide for a nozzle that produced a fine spray pattern to allow uniform coverage and better atomisation.


We also use a DME Propellant rather than the more commonly used Hydro Carbons. This helps reduce the settling issues that can plague aerosols, resulting in clogged nozzles and stems, rendering the aersol useless. This is more evident in the High solid products such as Primers and Metallics. Once that stuff settles, you could break an arm trying to shake it loose.


These features coupled with the 74,000 colour combinations put Color Spec ahead of the pack. So if you want to fix up that scratch or paint your letterbox in that latest Ferrari colour, drop into your local Super Cheap Auto and ask for ColorSpec.