Colorspec is a professional-grade paint system. As well as being available in regular bulk form for application via traditional air-operated spray equipment, the full range of 74,000 colours is also available in pressure-pack form thanks to ColorSpec’s innovative NO-MIX system. This makes it perfect for those who like to do it themselves.

Unlike typical pressure-pack products that invariably give a less than desirable finish, ColorSpec employs a clear-over-base system – the same paint system utilised by vehicle manufacturers and in the collision repair industry. This enables ColorSpec to attain a proper factory-like, OEM-grade finish.

In all clear-over-base systems, a base coat (which is tinted to the desired colour) is laid down and dries with a matt finish. Once adequate coverage has been achieved, ColorSpec Acrylic Clear Coat, or ColorSpec Deep Crystal Clear Coat is then applied which brings up a lustrous shine, while simultaneously sealing and protecting the base coat.

Each conveniently-sized 300g can is capable of attaining full coverage over an area of up to one square metre. Its specially-designed nozzle produces a wide, even spray pattern for superior, high-build coverage, resulting in a great looking, mottle-free finish. It’s also UV resistant and sufficiently durable to withstand regular cleaning products, and can of course be polished.

With ColorSpec there’s no ordering required; it’s mixed while you wait! Colour technicians at your local stockist specifically mix ColorSpec pressure-pack (and bulk stock) base colours to precisely match a specific automotive colour name or the vehicle’s unique paint code – which is typically found in the door jamb or under the bonnet.

On top of the 74,000 automotive colours contained in ColorSpec’s extensive database, they also offer a lavish array of 560 standard colours that you can select from the in-store colour fan.

The quality of finish, combined with ColorSpec’s high durability, makes it ideal for automotive, marine, industrial and domestic applications.

The system includes an Etch Primer (for large bare-metal areas), Primer Surfacer (for repaired or painted surfaces), Plastic Primer Filler (for plastic and flexible materials) and Caliper Hi-Temp, a special formula designed to withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius.


Although it’s still available in the full array of 74,000 colours, Caliper Hi-Temp is unlike the other ColorSpec paints in that it’s a one-application product that dries to a satin finish. Additionally, it does not require a primer or clear coat, making it ideal for use on any metal surface.